What do you do in your role?

​I’m the IT Support Administrator. With my role I manage & maintain our AMS System, I add new & existing IT equipment to our database as well as assigning that equipment to our Kaimahi who need it, I create rooms for our office locations that need equipment assigned to them, add new Kaimahi to our database so that they can access AMS, managing & creating categories/sub-categories for new items we receive. I also provide day-to-day support for our Kaimahi when they run into issues involving their IT devices.

What do you like about your role?

Just being able to assist our Kaimahi when they’re experiencing issues with their devices is something that I enjoy about my role, the appreciation that we receive from everyone when we help them is awesome.

How long have you been with Tuwharetoa Health?

About 4 ¾ Months now

What made you choose to work in hauora?

I was seeking an occupation that would provide work experience for me as well as an opportunity to improve my professional development in my field of expertise, working in Hauora can provide that opportunity for me to improve myself

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